streda 16. októbra 2019

Unboxing first subscription box - papercraft society

Hello- hello!

I got my subscription box few days ago, so finaly I can show you, what´s inside ♥

I love this box and I can recommend it. You can subscribe here and get £5 on your purchase. 

I´m looking forward to the next box ♥

So thank you for stopping by and hope to show you new creations using these special stuffs from the box.

Have a nice day!

Jarka Ef

pondelok 14. októbra 2019

Wedding box - for my special friends

Hi friends!
Today I´m here with another inspiration. This exploding box was made for my friends´ wedding. I´m so proud, they are married now.

This is how it looks.

After opening.

And some details:

 I love handmade flowers.

Name and date- using foil quill pen- WE R MEMORY KEEPERS 

My flowers again

Thanks for stopping by.
Hope to see you soon.

Jarka Ef

I would like to enter to these challenges:

piatok 4. októbra 2019

Craft box- review

Hi friends!

I can´t wait to show you my special scrapbooking "box". I bought it for a special price, but these pieces are absolutely stunning.

Look at it!

Where to start? :D Well, I just love these flowers. They are probably the most beautiful flowers I´ve ever bought. I usually don´t buy flowers, ´couse I make them, but time to time I buy some pieces.

And there were these flowers and butterflies to cut in the "box" too. So you can use them to embellish your project.

And now to the paper pads. There were 2 styles in 2 sizes:

Floral Memories

6x6 inch is perfect for cardmaking. There is a little magic in there.

12x12 inch - super cute designs. I just want to see my finished layout.

In My Garden

6x6 inch - absolutely lovely designs

12x12 inch - the same designs as 6x6 inch, but you have more space to create ;)

In 6x6 inch pads there are 20 designs in each pad, each design just once. Papers are one sided. So you get 20 papers.

In 12x12 inch paper pads are 20 designs, each just once, but the papers are double sided. So there is 10 sheets of paper.

Ok, so this is my little happy hour :)
Thank you for visiting.
Hope to show you my new project using these cuties soon :)

And here is the link to the shop: Craft box

See you soon!

Jarka Ef

štvrtok 19. septembra 2019

Papercraft Society - Subscription box #1 designed by Christina Griffiths

Hi friends!

Do you know Christina Griffiths? She is a very talented cardmaker (and my favourite one). I made an interview with her few years ago. And now I found a special offer to subscription box from Papercraft Society, which is designed by Christina ♥ Absolutely good news :D 

So I ordered this first box and can´t wait to see, what´s inside. 

I will let you know, don´t worry ;)

And I have another good new for you.

You can use this link and order this Subscription box, you will save 5£. And that´s a great offer,
don´t you think? ;)

Ok, that would be all for today.
See you next time soon ;)

Thank you very much.
Jarka Ef